Photo Manipulation

Made with Photofox on Apple Ipad. This is a a stock image portrait from Pixabay with multiple photo effect filters combined and added to create the final look. If you have an Ipad you can download this app for free from the app store. (function(t,e,i,d){var o=t.getElementById(i),n=t.createElement(e);;;'inline-block';'ibb-widget',n.setAttribute('src',('https:'===t.location.protocol?'https://':'http://')+d),n.setAttribute('width','300'),n.setAttribute('height','250'),n.setAttribute('frameborder','0'),n.setAttribute('scrolling','no'),o.appendChild(n)})(document,'iframe','ibb-widget-root-1191337894',"");

Digital art freebies | Digital paper | Backgrounds

Speckled paint splatter background images I made for you to use in your digital art projects. You can download the high resolution files from pexels. They are 3000px squares. Let me know how you end up using these because I would love to hear from you! Download from Pexels Download from Pexels Download from Pexels … Continue reading Digital art freebies | Digital paper | Backgrounds

Ukulele ABC’s Chord Chart Posters

I've created 7 x Posters in a PDF file document that feature the major ukulele chords A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Great to put on your music room wall or for your homeschool. You can purchase for just $2 from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.