Free Procreate Daisy Stamp Brushes

I made 3 sweet daisy brushes for you to play with in Procreate! You can download the free brush set here: Daisy Stamps Download The brushes will download as a ‘set’ of 3 which is a ‘brushset’ called ‘Daisy Stamps Glitter Code’ so when you download from Dropbox and open in Procreate they may not … Continue reading Free Procreate Daisy Stamp Brushes

A quick play with some free brushes I found

I found some free Procreate bushes and had a play. I really like them! Here’s the link: Mache Style Brush Set I made the background for this image using the stock standard ‘grunge’ texture bush. It’s just layers of coulour, blending and duplicating of layers to thicken up and darken (because blending tends to create … Continue reading A quick play with some free brushes I found

2 Free Zig Zag Brushes for You to Use in Procreate

I made some zig zag style Procreate brushes for you to try! Let me know what you think. If you need some help downloading and installing your new Procreate brushes you’re in luck because I wrote a tutorial for that Here (Opens in a new tab) Download Brush Download Brush