My opinion on Assembly app for the Apple Ipad

Let’s be real, Assembly is super awesome BUT You are essentially just playing with shapes you can create easily with any vector program such as Graphic or Affinity Designer for ipad.

The app is great for idea generation, I love the colour palettes and I love looking at what other people have made with this simple yet powerful Apple app. You can save huge, top quality files too! Exporting as a vector file is easy peasy to you can edit in another program, send files to clients (Maybe you’re making logos or something on your ipad?) and the files will be compatible with any other software you have. You can also edit on your desktop/macbook or whatever you need, so it’s a very flexible and useful program. I find Assembly to be a quick and easy way to come up with many designs on the fly.

The app is so fun, you might be tempted to pay the weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fee but in my opinion, if you already have a long list of subscriptions that are rapidly depleting your bank balance, a far better option would be to go for Graphic, Affinity Designer or similar. Graphic and Affinity apps all have built in, easy shapes and almost infinite design possibilities and once you get past a learning curve they are a lot of fun to create art with.

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