I found a cool thing called a ‘dangle’ | Book Review

Hey! I was searching ‘doodle books’ on the internet to read and get some inspiration from today when I stumbled across this new cool thing! It’s called a ‘dangle.’ I’m sure some of you would already know what this is, but seriously, why am I only just finding out about this now?! If you don’t know what it is (Like I didn’t) you can get the gist of it below.

Dangles are seriously fun and easy to make. They take a lot of time and are relaxing to create in a similar way to zentangle patterns are. I can’t wait to teach the kids this!

The book I found is called Zenspirations Dangle Designs by Joanne Fink. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t tried making dangles yet, to pick up this book and have a go.

Here’s my fist attempt at drawing a ‘dangle’ by using this book as a guide. It looks complicated but the book really breaks down the steps to make it simple and easy to put together an effective design. It took a while to complete this – maybe an hour. More complicated designs would obviously take longer and be more awesome. I’m really happy with my first try, which is a testament to how easy this book is to follow.

If you like watching videos, here’s a quick time-lapse of my dangle drawing below. The time-lapse is made with the Procreate built-in time-lapse feature. I changed the background a few times at the end to see what the dangle would look like on different coloured backgrounds if you’re wondering what that’s all about. I just used the technical pen brush for the whole thing and coloured on the layer below the line art.

My first dangle on a different coloured background:

I can’t wait to make more!

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