A random doodle

I realise I haven’t posted in ages. Instagram is easier to quickly post random doodles like this and artwork because who wants to think of a title, keywords categories etc. I just want to share what I’ve made. So anywhoo, I did this random doodle with Procreate while having my morning coffee alone because ‘the … Continue reading A random doodle

I found a cool thing called a ‘dangle’ | Book Review

Hey! I was searching ‘doodle books’ on the internet to read and get some inspiration from today when I stumbled across this new cool thing! It’s called a ‘dangle.’ I’m sure some of you would already know what this is, but seriously, why am I only just finding out about this now?! If you don’t … Continue reading I found a cool thing called a ‘dangle’ | Book Review

Custom Ukulele Designs

Check out some custom uke designs I made. The first is my Zen girl that I drew a few days ago. The second is my new Glitter Code Logo on a uke. I put these together using Procreate. An extra filter was added with Instagram filters when I posted to instagram. If you already follow … Continue reading Custom Ukulele Designs

Digital art freebies | Digital paper | Backgrounds

Speckled paint splatter background images I made for you to use in your digital art projects. You can download the high resolution files from pexels. They are 3000px squares. Let me know how you end up using these because I would love to hear from you! Download from Pexels Download from Pexels Download from Pexels … Continue reading Digital art freebies | Digital paper | Backgrounds